Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The money is running out!

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT

     Not unexpectedly, especially after Smoke Free SW declared  a complete lack of funding from their local councils due to austerity measures, they declared that they 'business' was to cease. Business I hear you ask? Yes, a business for they turned anti smoking into a complete business..... funded by you, me, & the family down the road as our taxes were used AGAINST all those who choose/chose to smoke. We had no say in it, it just happened as the most ridiculous law since the 'Clockmakers Tax' was invented (1790's). Had there have been an element of choice then it would have been a completely different story but the simple fact was that our government, responding to the desparate pleas from ASH, simply banned all forms of smoking indoors simply because, unlike the rest of europe, they just couldn't be bothered to thrash a modicum of a fair deal for all.
     Through a campaign of lies & distortions, the despicable creature known as Deborah Arnott managed to convince our (mostly) idiot MPs that SHS was more dangerous than sarin gas - which really does make you wonder how so many people are still alive in this (or any other) country? Indeed, Ronald Bayer of the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health stated, found that many of the common claims against smoking really have little evidence to back them up.
“I discovered the evidence was really weak. The evidence of harm to non-smokers on the beach or in a park from someone smoking is virtually non-existent. The evidence that fish and birds are dying because of cigarette butts is virtually non-existent. And even the evidence that seeing someone in a park or beach will encourage kids to smoke is extremely weak,” Bayer said.
     And there you have it folks, the simple truth that although under the guise of health it has nothing much to do with health. Now you may well think that I am some sort of madman saying that but have a simple look at the facts:
          1... 'They' cannot name one person that has died courtesy of SHS
          2... Cancer rates have increased not decreased
          3... The  percentage decrease in smoking rates has been minimal over the past 9 years
          4... 80% of lung cancers occur in NON smokers
          5... 'They' cannot prove that smoking bans have increased the longevity of one single life

     All the hype, all the lies, all the fabrications, all the scary rhetoric and all the manipulated statistics were just a load of baloney. Departments were created, at great public expense, mainly to create a great fear of dying in those that smoked and endless sources of funding were thrown at the project of scaremongering on a major scale. We even had Dr Douglas Noble declaring that sticking the exhaust pipe of your car on the inside would be safer than SH - he never took me up on my challenge sadly, but then I suppose that he immediately realised the complete stupidity of his words. Sth Korea went for the smoking bans too, and increasing the cost of cigarettes by 80%+..... but it all went in reverse somehow as more people than ever started smoking! Australia went for it bigtime-plain packaging I mean - but their southern hemisphere buddies (N Zealand) have suddenly realised the exhorbitant costs of all this stupidity and closed off ALL funding to the anti tobacco mobsters! Needless to say they are CLAIMING ALL SORTS OF SUCCESSES but the truth is, and always has been, THAT SMOKING RATES HAVE BEEN STEADILY DECLINING SINCE THE LATE 1950's! (Oh the beauty of all those who sat in judgement of others now sitting smugly..... unemployed!
 The Smokefree Coalition is also willing to take much of the credit for the Government’s commitment to becoming a smokefree nation by 2025.
I seriously hope that I am around to bear testament that this idiotic statement proves to be just that-idiotic! I often wonder why all these anti tobacco organisations fail to 'stand up and be counted' when it comes to the small matter ofr counterfiet tobacco products being freely available on the streets of much of the western world? Indeed they do plenty of moaning about it but THEY caused it all by interfering in the first place-and I love it!  ASH, government & local councils waste £millions on trying to curb illegal tobacco sales when, if they had kept their interfering noses out, there would never have been a problem! Big Government = Big Cock up-end of. So what if people choose to smoke, what business is it of anyone elses? Of course they now use 'the cheeeldren' but that stupid argument falls flat on its face as, thanks to the baby boom of the 50's, we now have an overload of elderly people-all claiming pensions and draining the economy. We have in excess of 10,000 centenarians and more are fast approaching. Amazing how these people, many of whom have smoked, have had the audacity to live so long really. 
Ailsa Rutter from FRESH - Smoke-free North East
Alison Rutter-50% chance of cancer-amazing!

     I said from the very start of this ridiculous sanction on 22% of the population that it will fail economically and it will, simply because we cannot afford to waste £1/2bn every single month on begging people to stop smoking. The likes of Arnott, Duffy, Bauld, Rutter et al (recently awarded some gong or other by the WHO) will all suffer a proscribed 50% chance of getting some form of cancer or other (just the same as the rest of us mere mortals) so it will be interesting to see which 2 of the 4 it will be. I will then send the lucky recipients a smokers award for all their years of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science used in their years of suckling the publice teat.

     I recently saw a sign in a hospital that stated, "There is NO safe level of alcohol". We knew it was coming but good luck to them for there are so many studies proving that a glass of wine per day is perfectly OK therefore the entire statement is simply laughable.      
     The public stood for being divided once, they won't stand for it again. And anyway, as N Zealand have found out, once the money runs out they suddenly realise that there are far more important things in a country to worry about than people having a fag or three - and people will never give up their favoured tipple!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Wet, Wet, Wet-the tap drippeth again!

UPDATE: Nigel Farage has resigned form UKIP leadership!
     The EU have suddenly and completely proven as to why 17.4m British people saw the light and voted LEAVE as yet another completely idiotic 'law' is rolled out stating that is now illegal to say:-

  "Drinking Water Prevents Dehydration"

     Have you ever, in your entire lifetime, heard such an utterly stupid statement as that? Suddenly, the giver of all life is no longer the reliever of all thirsts as the EU have decided that yet another idiotic law can be formed by mindless & brainless bureaucrats who obviously have nothing better to do. Strangely enough NHS health guidelines state clearly that "drinking water helps avoid dehydration, and that Britons should drink at least 1.2 litres per day." Florence Nightingale would be turning in her grave at such imbecility.


     Is it any wonder then that the British LEAVE vote has sparked similar outcries in eight (8) other countries? It is now blatantly obvious to me that we (Britain) were the 'eye-candy' in all this EU solidarity BS over the past months/years and now that the British people have  stood up to be counted (literally) other nations have seen the light at the end of 'the euro tunnel' - it is diminishing rapidly. The EU is a completely failed experiment in human control and should now be scrapped altogether as a project. I dread to think what the total cost has been but then we'll never know that as the EU is so great & grand that it has never held itself accountable to produce any accounts of its own! One thing that is for sure, now that Britain are out, all the other paying members are going to have to 'stump up' another £350m per week between them ..... and that is going to be one hell of an ask when you look at the Greek financial situation! France is bankrupt and Marine le Pen is very confident that her party will win next years elections - and if so, they will withdraw from the EU SS Titanic asap - now where will that leave poor old Hitlers daughter, Angela Merkel I wonder? At the end of a rope maybe?


Just what are our kids being taught in our schools these days?

     The pathetic nature of the REMAIN camp has shone through with amazingly brilliant stupidity as marches have been taking place in London declaring that DEMOCRACY will prevail and that we will rejoin the EU! Err, excuse me but DEMOCRACY has already prevailed as 17.4m people voted OUT - a clear majority of 1.2m people said "shove it"! That is democracy at its finest-people voting in a FREE vote - no 'guns to heads' as in the so called 'free vote' on the smoking ban some years ago! The financial strain on Germany is so great that a major bank is about to go bust - the Deustche Bank is teetering on the brink as we speak! Can the IMF afford to bail them out? can the EU survive the Deustche Bank collapse? Who cares just as long as we are out of this stinking midden known as the EU. For all those who still wish to vote REMAIN, well, I wish you a happy but misguided life because you obviously have no idea of what you have been saved from! 

     A simple lesson for dummies: think about this. Bankrupt the country, pauperise the people, keep everyone (except the 'elite') in abject poverty and have them begging for scraps - then you have the control over the people that the EU always wanted. Implement a police state backed up by a 'federal Army' and you have a complete dictatorship - job done. Just one problem in all of this - Britain found its voice and said NO! (and yet we see idiots in the streets protesting that they WANT this!)

Another despot has risen from the ashes as Nicola Sturgeon has declared that she wants an independent Scotland within the EU - have you ever heard anything so stupid & ill informed? The EU doesn't do INDEPENDENT Mrs Krankie, you could never be independent & in the EU for God's sake. I feel exceedingly sorry for Scotland for having a brainless bimbo like this as your leader has to be a terrible burden to bear. Anyway, eight member states have now told 'Mrs Krankie' to go forth & multiply instead of making silly representations.

Nicola Sturgeon will travel to Brussels on Wednesday 

Nowhere to run baby, nowhere to hide!
As we finish this rather victorious blog I can only leave you with the words of one great man, the man who has spent his political life railing AGAINST the EU - the speech of St Nigel the Great! 

LEAVE ??? We've LEFT!!!
and they don't want us back !!!


Saturday, 25 June 2016

It was MORE than the week that was!

Image result for Pictures of  a broken EU 
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket....... !
Now the EU cannot take away our jobs, our homes or our country!
     Well folks the greatest British political deed has been done, by the people for the people of this country as the LEAVE campaign were victorious by 52%-48%, a slightly slimmer margin than my previously predicted 56/44 split. Ladbrokes, I am very pleased to say, got it completely wrong and I hope that they paid Nigel Farage £3,500 in cash and NOT a cheque-for he paid by means of cash. I had this very argument with them several years ago over some nice  returns due and they simply could not understand why I WOULDN'T ACCEPT their cheque! However, that aside, we now have a situation whereby Juncker and his cronies have 'viel Ei auf verlegen Gesichter' (much egg on embarrassed faces) as their final threat was that if we voted 'OUT' there would be no second chances from them! Well halle-bloody-lujah baby, we don't want any second chances from a corrupted organisation that wants every penny it can get from this country. 
     Now we are out we have no need to pay this £642,000,000, so called 'fine' for poor accounting, to the EU when the EU itself hasn't self accounted for the past 20 years! No need to keep ploughing £31m (nett) per day into a sinking ship, no need to see our fishing industries decimated-oh yes, there's plenty more of this! The beauty of this situation is that Juncker has been left with no option but to
'order' Britain to invoke Article 50 with the utmost speed! Jolly-dee I say!
     Now you might be wondering about the change of lead picture? Let me explain folks: we are that falling star as we have departed the disgustingly corrupt & deceitful EU, but we are not falling, we are simply independent again - and that'll do me folks!
     Strangely enough, despite all the threats of extinction, Germany have immediately declared their wish to continue trading with us!..... as do the USA & Canada..... and the rest will follow.
Germany will now also have to pay in an extra €2.4bn per annum as we will no longer be bunging wedge across the sea!

     File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svgBritain was brave, the people decided and now we have another 5 nations declaring their intentions to possibly depart this abysmally stoic, but sinking ship! Fraxit,  Nexit, Austric, Fintic and Hungit could all leave. Now we know that Marine Le Pen is hell bent on deserting ship and I think that her party will succeed in next years French elections as they are gaining more & more support from people sick to death of dictatorship. And anyway France has been holding urgent talks to try and rescue their own financial woes! Finland are exporting naughty muslims by the bucketful, the Dutch are overwhelmingly up for a referendum, Austria have sold out of shotguns as the migrant invasion threatens their very safety and Hungary, the land of the Magyar have never been too impressed with hordes of economic migrants tramping around europe!
Hungary sensibly seals off its borders !
     Now here's an interesting point folks! Our MPs might need to take note of this little fact as well because if we are no longer ruled by the despotic EU, we no longer need to abide by their silly refugee criteria, so Leicester City Council, Coventry City Council & many other councils now have no need to ignore their own homeless people so as to house these itinerants marching all around europe! We are a small island that already holds approximately 65,111,143, a 0.61 % increase on the 2015 figure, so why do we need anymore unemployed sand dwellers scrounging off the state benefit system? 
     I'll ask you all one simple question: " if there was war of some kind going on in this country, would everyone start marching to another country half way around the world?" I don't think so. I think we'd 'tool-up' and fight the enemy to protect our lands whereas people like Soros, NWO & Bilderbergs like to quietly 'sponsor' a conflict so as to create just the situation we have now! Now why is it that these people aren't fighting to save their own homes, countries & way of life? Why is it that these people all seem to sport the latest mobile phones, Nike trainers and seemingly have an abundance of 'goods' to waste as they tramp across Europe? They are not poor homeless refugees at all, they are well catered for economic refugess looking for less impoverished places to live.
'Refugees' leave a trail of rubbish as they leave camp (Bapska) in Serbia!
     Now we are no longer under the rule of the EU we can have our own legal system back in place, we have no need for the silly '€' nor to have to rely on common sense to hopefully emerge from some idiotic court in Brussels (or wherever) to deport the thousands of foreign criminals we have accumulated. Our country = Our rules and if you don't like what's on the table then bugger off and eat elsewhere!
     Juncker wants us gone asap, well that can't come quick enough for me for I remember when people in this country were a very happy bunch - oh yes, the 60's wasn't simply all about the Beatles, Stones & mini skirts! They were exciting times when freedom of speech was never questioned, tolerance was unequivocal and  kids were allowed to be kids! You could play in the 'mud and the blood and the beer'. You could go 'scrumping' and get a thick ear from your local bobby, probably another one when you got home cos' your dad already knew - even though there were no mobile phones! And then, about the time Ted Heath signed us into the EEC we started to hear from those godforsaken 'Do-gooders'..... who ended up as 'Do-badders', they have ruined this country for now I am just simply amazed that we haven't got an instruction manual from H&S on how to get out of bed!
     I never thought, after being born into a totally democratic society that I would also die in one..... but it now begins to look as if I might well be and that's why last week was MORE than the week that was!

Monday, 20 June 2016

This is the the week that was!

Refendum special, 
how to avoid poverty for generations to come!

     It is this week, Thursday 23rd to be precise, that the good, the bad & the ugly go to the polling stations to cast their vote for either REMAIN in the EU or LEAVE the EU. Don't let anyone you know fail to vote in the most important 'election' in our modern history!
     There are reasons to be in (I might think of one or two by Christmas) and, converseley, there are reasons to LEAVE the EU (I'll only jot a few down so as to keep it interesting!)
     Those that relish the power of a 'new world' (order anyone?) claim that a federal state of europe is an absolute must: indeed, people like George Soros are happy to fund such an enterprise such is their misguided belief. Anyone who dares to object is vilified beyond belief, belittled and every effort made to bring some form of legal retribution about that persons head - yet those who follow the constant 'BS' (bullshit for those unaware) are rewarded with great office, great powers & no little wealth by a group of unelected people in an unelected 'partliament!
     It is said that 800,000 jobs depend on the EU - what absolute rubbish. We may have 800,000 jobs in this country that have some link to goods exported abroad but that certainly does not mean that those 800,000 RELY on the EU-they don't. Big numbers frighten people, therefore 800,000 is a perfectly reasonable 'big number' to throw into the ring. Now I would be more concerned about the jobs that the EU are costing British people in this country; eg,
a)... Ford Transit plant in Southampton loses 800 workforce as EU 'support' a plant move to southern Turkey with an €80m loan - where do the 800 find other jobs I ask?
b)... Redcar Steelworks close down, loses 1,700 jobs as we buy cheaper steel from China: Business minister Anna Soubry (who really needs to return to reading the news not making it!) said: “Despite everyone’s recent efforts to help SSI this is very sad news and a big blow for the workforce and their families ..." basically this means that Redcar will become a ghost-town, an unemployment hotspot, a place with no future!
c)... Port Talbot steelworks closed down as EU ask Camoron NOT to fund any revival. Nic Dakin, Labour MP for Scunthorpe, challenged Cameron about the UK’s position in prime minister’s questions, accusing him of failing to stand up for the British steel industry.The steel industry could shed 15,000 jobs (all inclusive) because of EU tariffs/interventions.
d)... Tobacco giants Imperial Tobacco forced out of Britain courtesy of EU ruling on 'Tobacco Control' (courtesy of ASH/WHO) as Nottingham [800 jobs (total)] & Bristol [500 jobs] closed as Imperial Tobacco simply move to Poland as a much cheaper 'plant' option. Two cities losing one of their largest employers courtesy of EU interventions. Apparently you can still smoke in the EU building in Brussels due to the stress levels of work! The EU has wasted €m's on smoking laws yet an amazingly similar amount of people continue to smoke..... because they enjoy smoking!
     Four plain & simple situations where EU intervention, in one form or another, has caused massive job losses - and the 'cream on the cake', as far as the hysteria over possible job losses are concerned, is here, in a full report by the IEA (the Institute for Economic Affairs) beautifully crafted by Ryan Bourne.
     And then we move onto LAW.  Oh my Lordy me, we have unearthed a leviathon of nonsensical edicts. Would you believe that 64.7% of our laws & regulations come from Brussels? Well folks, they certainly do. Remember the 'metric martyr' (Steve Thoburn) who objected to metric weights being used to sell his fruit & veg (?), he died at the age of 39 fighting this bureaucratic nonsense-the constant stress of the legal absurdities caused him to have a heart attack! Did the EU care at all? Not one iota for they had declared that we must go metric. Strange though that our horse racing distances remain at 5 furlongs, a mile and 11/2 miles etc!
The EU are not a body for democracy, something (until the last 20 years) this country has prided itself on, and Frederick Forsyth  explains just how this unelected body of people are stealing this country bit by bit. Wasn't it Hitler that stated that by stealing people's rights by an imperceptible piece at a time..... ?
Keep wheeling them in until we simply can't cope:
Oh dear me, we're already at saturation point!

     Sadly, like Corbyn (who was always against the EU), my own MP is a firm believer in the EU and Leicester is a staunch Labour hotbed. He recently (last monday actually) created an editorial for the Leicester Mercury as to why we need to stay in this idiotic, bankrupt EU. I think that from the comments section alone you will soon see that the mood in this city is changing for the better. In London we have, sadly, a new muslim Mayor who is already putting his 'muslim foot' down by declaring his intentions to ban what we consider totally inoffensive advertising. Excuse me but this is Britain not some sand dwellers principality! Anyone forgotten Luftur Rahman yet I wonder? Sadiq  Khan has also already thrown the race card in the ring by declaring that their are "too many white men working on London's underground services"! Isn't that a pure and simple race-hate crime? Where are plod when needed?
     I'll be interested to know our MPs feelings about our future when the LEAVE vote is victorious - I still have this 56%LEAVE v 44%REMAIN figure in my head for some reason! Leicester City council attempted to corrupt the cities vote by declaring "This council is firmly in the REMAIN camp" - there was no apparent right of reply as the deputy mayor & council ignored all attempts to bring about a public debate on the matter.
 The face of white genocide   v   the face of Save Britain

     Indeed, Rory Palmer (like Clegg: another schoolboy in long trousers) declared that the city was £3m better off for being in the EU! Perhaps he could also explain that if this be the case, why do we have 26,000 children living below the poverty line in this city? (His own words no less)
     Sadly the refendum has been tarnished by the most unfortunate death of  REMAIN MP, Jo Cox who was interfering in an argument between two men, one of whom stabbed & shot her to death, a lamentable situation indeed. The man in question, immediately arrested, had serious mental problems and did NOT shout anything political whatsoever, though some have tried to link the event to an 'anti-LEAVE' campaign, which basically shows just how low some of our politicians (and society) are prepared to stoop. But, one has to wonder at the morals/ethics of the now single husband as he straight away used his wife's death as a political platform - as did Maria Eagle (MP) who soon deleted her 'tweet' (pic.twitter.com/na2dDOAdqp) when a few facts became known. Today a very interesting blog has appeared which puts Jo Cox's love affair with the EU in a completely different light, a sordid tale of 'White Helmets' & Syrian conflicts. Indeed her husband Brendan Cox is tweeting out a Go Fund Me link to his wife’s ‘favourite causes’ and one of those is 'White Helmets'. Do NOT be fooled by her demise, this is NOT a charity by any stretch of the imagination. Add to this iunsavourynews that husband Brendan was accused of 'misdeeds' during his regn at the 'Save the Children' charity (he soon vacated his position by the way) and you can easily see that all is not quite as rosey in the Cox's garden as was first painted by the media. And let's not forget that on Thursday evening, the day that Jo Cox was murdered, reporting restrictions were lifted on the fact that a 13-man strong Muslim paedophile ring in Halifax was being sentenced to a total of more than 150 years at Leeds Crown Court.These being the people she (and the remain camp) want to invade this country by way of open borders of course!
Interesting to note that the day before her death, Brendan was out 'sailing on the Thames' trying to demean Nigel Farage's attempts to support our beleagured fishermen, many of whom are now out of work courtesy of EU regulations. Are these the sort of people we need dictating what we can and can't do in & around our own country? I don't think so. Geldorf threatened to take in four (4) Syrian families a few months ago-doesn't seem to have followed those words up as yet!
£££ Blatantly clear that this 'rat' has more money than brains! £££
     Very unsurprising that Baroness Warsi today decided to swap sides (although this muslim peeress has never been in the LEAVE camp)  to the REMAIN camp - I could never understand how this woman could ever have been in the LEAVE camp except as a 'Camoron mole' for she wants more and more non white immigrants in the country. Farcically we now have some of the top bods in the Labour REMAIN camp declaring that they have left home to join the LEAVE team-you see folks, it is never too late to see the light!
     It is incredible that in a world where the powers that be are cajoling all people to integrate with all others we find muslim extremists now calling for all 'gay people' to be executed via being ejected from the top of high buildings-how very integrational of these people who simply want to take over the world. Similarly, over in America, we have a loonytoons Imam who supports the stoning of women! Funnily enough  we have the REMAIN camp very much wanting open door immigration which means that more & more of these Sharia law bashing people are going to flood our country. Those that are already here are demanding ridiculous things from our government 'because this or that offends them' and yet we have an organisation that wants even more of these people here! Unbelievable really.

      A powerful German European Union (EU) MEP has branded the Brexit campaign a pack of “lies” and British voters “idiotic”. Now there's a thing: he must be very worried about his own country's financial stability to be worried about this little country opting out.   Even better is this gem: GERMANY has issued a stark warning to Britain telling the nation " there will be no second chances if people vote to leave the European Union on June 23". That's it then folks..... we've been threatend with banishment my Herr Merkels band of corsairs & brigands. Hallelujah baby, we will be free. Are we scared ??? Not a jot sir, not a jot, for what can Germany do to us if we do LEAVE? - absolutely nothing! In actual fact we will be some £31m per day BETTER OFF..... just think what our NHS could do with all that money!

Any further nudges needed to vote LEAVE are here:-

Greece = Poverty stricken courtesy of EU

Portugal = almost bankrupt

Spain =  almost bankrupt

Italy = almost bankrupt

France = on its last, spindly financial legs

Germany = banks seem to have 'lost' €14bn ..... in the past 3 months!

Eire = bankrupt after an €80m bailout

..... add youth unemployment at record highs all over europe and we have a very sad state of affairs that many of our blinkered MPs feel we need to join. The important question is this: "If there was a referendum on Thursday to JOIN the EU would you vote YES PLEASE?" I don't think so!

Voting for the REMAIN camp on Thursday is a bit like voting to jump onboard the Titanic when it's only halfway down. Please use your brains and look at the simple facts before you and remember one important fact..... it's your kids & grandkids that will be suffering from this despotic governance from Brussels. This week will always be remembered as the week that was!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Are we bowing to Islam already?

The EU, with all its corruptness & fraudulent ways, is making one last desperate bid to woo the people of Britain. DO NOT be fooled by this giant swampfish that wants to rule every aspect of YOUR lives!

How much is that doggy in the (EU) window?

(H/T to Sus)   
      I think the short answer to that is "YES, through the EU we certainly are"! and I think it is absolutely cowardly that we be doing so. I know that 'the powers that be' still have this idiotic notion that multiculturalism is the greatest thing since sliced bread (certainly Soros, Blair, Soulsby and a few other cranks do) but in actual fact it was never possible for it to work and never will work. There is one simple reason for that: the vast majority of these migrants are muslim and they simply don't want to integrate, they simply want to take over the world and live in the misery & poverty that they seem to enjoy 'back home', not to mention the destruction they cause when offered the helping hand! Let's have a little peek at what they think SHOULD BE OCCURRING in a world ruled by them shall we! 
     Democracy is a no go as 'they' simply want Sharia Law, a form of barbarianism that has no place in a cultured society. Only days ago a lunatic muslim gunned down 50 people in a gay nightclub & injured 53 more simply because he "saw 2 men kissing" in Orlando, Florida [welcome to the new liberalised world]. What sort of mentality is that I ask? We in the west have accepted homosexuality as an 'everyday norm', we have passed laws forbidding people to ostracise, abuse, assault these people simply because they are different to what most still consider normal, yet the muslim faith declares that all gay people should be sentenced to death! Indeed, they are certainly not averse to chucking the odd dozen or so living souls from the top of 4 storey buildings to a certain death. In excess of 100 now.
ISIS have murdered a man by throwing him off the top of a high roof in Iraq after he was accused of being homosexual 
Man accused of being gay-not proven, just accused!
     The terrible thing is that people like Soros, Blair, Soulsby know exactly what these fanatical people are capable of yet still welcome them into this country with open arms! (You might ask who Soulsby might be? He is, sadly, the 'elected mayor' (of Leicester) that swears by multiculturalism and is now the proud overseer of a city that has a minority of 'born 'n' bred' British whites-which it certainly wasn't when I landed here in 1971! How proud would YOU be of such an achievement?) Multiculturalism simply doesn't work as many immigrants simply don't want to integrate and there are certainly areas in Leicester where one would not venture after dark if one was white! Soulsby, with his side-kick Rory Palmer (like Clegg, a schoolboy in long trousers) want to 'welcome' some 200 Syrian 'refugees' to Leicester..... and this brings up several interesting points, as I have pointed out to our local paper-though I very much doubt they will print anything!: I list here for your common sense observations:-
Let me try and explain something to the dimwitted of our city & our nation for some people seem to feel that WE are an ENDLESS source of finance for the world's problems! According to official figures (FOI etc), January 2015 saw Leicester City have 10,236 unemployed persons. A further FOI noted that the city had 2,034 vacancies -can anyone do simple maths I ask? This means, of course, that the city already had/has an overflow of unemployed to the tune of approximately 8,000 souls so why in God's name do idiots in power welcome 100, 200, 300, whatever the number, of Syrian refugees? (I have since learned that Nottingham & Derby 'boast' similar figures). The obvious questions are: a)... Who pays for these people to be housed? b)... who pays these people's utility bills? c)... who pays for these people to be fed each week? d)... who pays for these people to be clothed? e)... who pays these people's Council Tax? etc etc. The answer is very simple my friends, We, the British people do! Yet we don't do any of this for our homeless people, many of whom simply die on the streets of whichever town/city they inhabit. Do you not find it somewhat insulting that we have ex-servicemen sleeping rough because our politicians feel the need to look after 'the world' rather than our own? We have politicians & councillors that are more interested in 'looking good/looking the part' in the eyes of the world than 'practical people' who care for their constituents - and then I wonder why they never want to debate this whole crazy IN/OUT EU situation but simply sit back and declare that "the council has decided.......". They are an absolute disgrace & we have to get OUT of this giant financial cesspit on the 23rd June because they seem to think that we are an endless source of FINANCIAL AID ! ..... 
     The burning question of course is that since Camoron declared that we are accepting 20,000 SYRIAN refugees, all refugees have suddenly become Syrian as they have no passports or identity apart from a name (lost in the terrors of escape etc)! Of course this plays right into the hands of ISIS as they can freely spread their fanatics around the western world just as they fancy. I'm actually amazed that the Euro football championships haven't been bombed yet for if ISIS can execute 13 young lads for having the temerity to watch a football match then there is no end to their barbaric & murderous ways. And we must not forget that ISIS have already expressed their displeasure with France already.
     It is clearly stated in some quarters that the 'loony left' have sided with Islam over gay people of their own kind - and I don't think those saying such a far wrong. After all, we allow same gender marriages now (for some weird reason of freedom of choice/expression etc or simply equal rights) but then we also want to allow '20,000,000' muslim, gay hating loons into this rather small island of ours (if the EU had their evil way). Why would we want to allow such an invasion, for that's what it is, when we cannot cope with what we already have here?
A tri-partate of pure loathing for this country-would you vote for this?
     HMP Gartree, a couple of miles up the road from here is a maximium security prison that now houses a considerable number of 'hard core' muslim terrorists. You might say that this is good but it isn't because there are so many of them in there now that they occupy an entire wing of the prison - and basically terrorise any non muslim into becoming a muslim. In short, they are using one of our toughest gaols to spread their evil words and are indoctrinating our very own people. The muslim loons have basically set up a prison within a prison and use Sharia law to command obedience: English prisoners there are refusing to be transferred to this wing.
     Belgium are also playing right into the hands of these Islamists as they seek to lower the age of sexual consent to a mere 13 yrs of age - so they basically want to legalise paedophilia! Oh dear me, is it no wonder that millions of young, rabid, hormone infested young men are migrating to the west to enjoy that which western governments are laying out before them! A child of 13 yrs is 

child marriages in mioddle east
40 yr old Yemeni kills his 8yr old 'bride' on their wedding night
exactly that - A CHILD - so how can any western society condone sex with a minor (?) it just beggars belief. It seems that these people are just as happy sodomising goats so how are they ever going to fit into a civilised western society? Should there not be an immediate death sentence for having sexual relations with a poor, dumb animal?
     All of this points to the only course of action the people of this country can possibly take..... and that is that on June 23rd, 2016, Britain HAS to vote to LEAVE the EU- and we need to have a conclusive margin of victory so that even Camoron cannot rig the vote! ( I can't state categorically, obviously, but I'm pretty damned sure that he will have some legerdemain planned if the vote looks like going against him!) I am still going for a 56% - 44% vote in favour of LEAVE despite pathetic attempts to derail Nigel Farage by ITV.

     Now then folks, I have been reading a booklet by "intercessorsforbritain", a Christian faith organisation who clearly lay out the EU, its formation, its creeping, grasping tentacles and everything else that is wrong with it. The booklet ( A Christian Perspective on the European Union and the Referendum ) shows you just how the EU, through little treaties here and there, small, indefinable changes to this, that & t'other simply remove a nations individual status and claims it as part of the superstate it is building. It also points to the taxations on 'nations' which 'nations' can do nothing about, the destruction of national & cultural boundaries and identities in history (remember that the 'holocaust' now seemingly never happened???) You really do need to read this booklet (here) because you will then know that you have to vote LEAVE to save your country, your lifestyle, your heritage, your way of living, your religion, in fact, your very being! Vote wisely my friends.